Christmas Countdown C -17



Christmas is a great time to entertain. Your home is decorated & it’s fun to connect & visit with family & friends. I know many women are intimidated  To help simplify entertaining for you, here are 10 tips from this month’s issue of Simple Joy e-zine:

10 Step Guide to a Low Stress Holiday Entertaining

  1. Attend Your Own Party:   Follow these steps in order to be a guest at your own event.
  2. Plan Your Guest List:  Remember…it’s about the people, not the event. Always begin with the guest list.
  3. Plan Your Event: Once you know how many are coming, you can determine what type of event works best: sit down dinner, buffet, cocktail party, open house, etc.
  4. Plan Your Menu: Now you need to decide what to serve. Your menu is determined by your guests and your event. The menu is the cart; your guest list is the horse. Do Not confuse the two.
  5. Determine What Needs to Be Done:  Take time to create a list of all the things to be done to prepare for your event. Include shopping lists as well.
  6. Decide What You Want to Do:  Select two or three things from the list that you WANT to do.
  7. Delegate the Rest:  Assign the remaining tasks to other people. When guests ask if they can do anything or bring anything, always say YES!
  8. Take a Nap:  Begin transformation from hostess to guest by taking a relaxing nap. If you can’t sleep, then just relax.
  9. Take a Bath:  Now is not the time for a quick shower. Take the time for a long luxurious bath. Engage all your senses as you bathe with candles, music, fragrant bath products, lotions and chocolate.
  10. Take a Deep Breath: When the door bell announces your first guests, take a deep breath and smile. The Queen is in the house and she is entertaining.

Santa Claus Christmas Crafts Ideas

Santa Claus Christmas Crafts Ideas

Kids are always so excited during the Holiday season. As the song says, they know that Santa’s on his way! And they can hardly wait! This year, give your kids a taste of Santa early when your family creates these fun Santa crafts. BHG has found ways to share the Jolly Old Elf throughout your home. Just the thing to make the kids happy until Christmas. And remember, at Christmas, we’re all kids!

Do you & your family make Christmas crafts? What are your favorites? Please share your craft projects with us!

Santa Crafts


Hi! I’m Jean Ann & I’m a Guilty Mommy! I have struggled with guilt all my life. My guilt problem became even worse once I became a mom!

One day, my hubby, the Infamous Mr. D asked me why I hadn’t gone to the Middle East to apologize for the turmoil in the region. When I looked puzzled, he said I felt guilty about everything else in life, he wondered if I also felt guilt about the Middle East! Harsh, I know but he was right. I felt guilty about things I had absolutely no control over. And my guilt was making me crazy! Literally! I finally got my guilt problem under control but I couldn’t move on completely. Then I realized my guilt was only a symptom of a deeper problem.

You see, guilt wasn’t my problem. Fear was my problem. Guilt implied I had done something wrong which usually wasn’t the case. I only called what I was feeling guilt. It took a long time for me to understand I was afraid. Afraid what people would think. Afraid what people would say. Afraid what might possibly happen. Afraid about what I was doing. Afraid about what I wasn’t doing. And really afraid of the impact my action might (or might not) have on my family, especially my daughter. YIKES!

The good news is fear is actually easier to deal with than guilt. And while I might not be able to absolve you of your guilt, I can help you conquer your fear. This isn’t a quick fix. Life is a journey & the road to recovery is a journey. However, we will have fun along the way. That I can guarantee!

For now, know that I am on the same journey as you. I am simply a ways down the road from you so I can help guide you. In the days ahead, I am creating resources to help all of us make this journey easier. For now, know that I am in your corner & I am praying for you. We can do this. Together.

Hugs & blessings!

Jean Ann