Hi! I’m Jean Ann & I’m a Guilty Mommy! I have struggled with guilt all my life. My guilt problem became even worse once I became a mom!

One day, my hubby, the Infamous Mr. D asked me why I hadn’t gone to the Middle East to apologize for the turmoil in the region. When I looked puzzled, he said I felt guilty about everything else in life, he wondered if I also felt guilt about the Middle East! Harsh, I know but he was right. I felt guilty about things I had absolutely no control over. And my guilt was making me crazy! Literally! I finally got my guilt problem under control but I couldn’t move on completely. Then I realized my guilt was only a symptom of a deeper problem.

You see, guilt wasn’t my problem. Fear was my problem. Guilt implied I had done something wrong which usually wasn’t the case. I only called what I was feeling guilt. It took a long time for me to understand I was afraid. Afraid what people would think. Afraid what people would say. Afraid what might possibly happen. Afraid about what I was doing. Afraid about what I wasn’t doing. And really afraid of the impact my action might (or might not) have on my family, especially my daughter. YIKES!

The good news is fear is actually easier to deal with than guilt. And while I might not be able to absolve you of your guilt, I can help you conquer your fear. This isn’t a quick fix. Life is a journey & the road to recovery is a journey. However, we will have fun along the way. That I can guarantee!

For now, know that I am on the same journey as you. I am simply a ways down the road from you so I can help guide you. In the days ahead, I am creating resources to help all of us make this journey easier. For now, know that I am in your corner & I am praying for you. We can do this. Together.

Hugs & blessings!

Jean Ann

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